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Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
Im starting to realize this forum is 80% conservatives that believe these cars are perfect from the factory and damn anyone that modifies anything on them.
Its ridiculous, youd think they bought the damn thing for you the way some of them act.

Do you dude, fuk what people say, you got a itch, fukin scratch it. If they dont like it, they can click on other threads.
Atleast when its all said and done, you can say you tried, and if you like the results, great, if not, oh well. At least you followed your dream.

Fukin nay sayers.
Not even true, the rest of this forum is a fan of drops, corners, m-tech II, csl pieces, and numerous other mods like that, it's instances like there were the car is just going to be ruined pissed people off. These are great cars from the factory and seeing that change sucks
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