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First of all, those wheels are hideous.

Originally Posted by whooty View Post
I can't wait to see you do it

EDIT: And I really want to see you do this so please don't get chased out by all the people that are going to flame you. Hopefully everyone will be mature for once and let you mod your car the way you want to
Why do you want to see him do it? It's not your car. All you will ever do is look at pictures of it. Why are you so invested? You sound like a 13 year old.

Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
Im starting to realize this forum is 80% conservatives that believe these cars are perfect from the factory and damn anyone that modifies anything on them.
Its ridiculous, youd think they bought the damn thing for you the way some of them act.

Do you dude, fuk what people say, you got a itch, fukin scratch it. If they dont like it, they can click on other threads.
Atleast when its all said and done, you can say you tried, and if you like the results, great, if not, oh well. At least you followed your dream.

Fukin nay sayers.
You are the outlier here. Most of us here try to make our cars drive better, not worse. BMWs are driver's cars, and this forum naturally attracts driver-type people. You aren't going to get respect around here for fitting parts that slow you down, even if the end result looks cool to 5% of the population.

Originally Posted by sambo_eddo View Post
WOW! I'm pissing off some old guys here it sounds like. If the car is "undriveable" once lowered all the way or with these wheels on then I will obviously change things up. Like I said in another thread, I work at a deaership so I had access to pick this thing up cheaper then wholesale. For a $5k car I think I can tinker with it. The car would never ever remain stock as long as I own it so the coilovers would be going on regardless of wheel choice. Now it's just a matter of how aggressive it will allow me to go.
You bought an xi for five thousand dollars, buy hideous green wheels for it, and come here and call everyone who knows anything "old guys"?

Try to remember you're just the punk who bought one our used up xi's, haha. Why don't you find a different forum? This isn't an xi topic.
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