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Kubica has some good points. I'm new here also, but I've done a cooling system rebuild on a Z3 and on my XI along with a host of other repairs.

To come onto the forum asking for advice for their $5000 car and not work on the maintenance is false economy. Why dump $1000's into suspension, wheels, etc. if your $250 cooling system is ready to take a dump? What about SwayBar Endlinks, CAB's, Ball Joints, etc? They need to be replaced every 30-60K miles, if they haven't. It is VERY rare to get more miles than that and I suspect that people who claim that they do have NO IDEA how worn out their suspension really is. Yes, I said it, many owners are idiots not mechanics.

BMW stands for Broke Mans Wallet for a reason. It might nickel and dime you to death, but it will be one of the best rides, especially for a daily driver. Not many cars can go through a foot of snow or sand, do 0 - 60 in about 6 seconds, have all the luxuries of a premium sedan and still get 22 - 32MPG. Respect the car and treat it right. If you don't, be warned that it will quickly turn into a money pit that you will get sick of and want to sell.

Hate to break it to you, but these cars are considered luxury sport sedans. They have a high amount of required maintenance. If you want a car to pimp out and beat the crap out of, get a Honda, Toyota or Mazda.....really can't beat them for the price to performance/reliability ratio.
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