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then I started to look for some new rimzzz for the next season.. :-) that was a start of stage 3, which is current stage. I was totally decided to go with 19" styling 63 from X5.. they have great width, and looking awesome on 46, and are quite cheap here.. but, I was really lucky and found a set of authentic two piece rial daytona race in quite great condition for awesome price (I think it was under 800$ for set), 18x8,5 and 18x9,5.. so I didnt hesitate and bought the dream wheels :-) they were only 18", but you can pull off 18s on 46.. test fit..

ass lookin great..

then I dissasembled the lips:

repaired the scratches and polished them by myself:

and barrels went for powdercoating, and after a really reaaaaalllyyyyy hard thinking the color was matte orange with some pearls..


then started my tire nightmare.. :-) I needed more stretch, but didnt think, that 225/40 on 9,5" will look that big and ugly.. also front with 215/40 on 8,5" wasnt much stretched, so I sold the 225 and went 215 on 9,5 rear..
next I bought 215/35 for front wheels, it looked okay, but the wheel was too small and fender gap appeared, which I didnt like at all.. so I sold them also (all 4 were yokohama parada, fronts were almost new, so it was really bad that they have to go) and bought some pirellis 205/40.. and thats the final setup, front and rear stretched nicely..
the difference between 215 and 225 on 9,5:

and shots on the car..

then came the stanceworks stickers, which I enjoy really much :-D

but of course, I cant stand sunken wheels and I had to use the potencial of stretched tires.. so I went for spaces, 2,5cm front and 1,5cm rear..

front was okay, but rear was not driveable of course

so I needed to pull the fenders a bit :-) I found a pro, and he did a great job..

and the hellaflush stance was finally ready!!!

I didnt like the front to be much higher than rear, so I dropped it more.. :-D now it looks great, but I have oredered a bit wider spacers on the front..
latest pics from last weekend:

and here are two shitty videos, shot by my iphone 4s.. :-D but I have no video editing skills, so they are not so good..

******** width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/CSs_Ootemr8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>*********>

******** width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/lMuYJcM-_Ck" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>*********>

and thats all for now :-) I plan a lot of changes, but this year, I have to do some maintenance and it will took a some money, so.. I'll see what will be next.. new intercooler, better turbo and ecu tuning.. plan is 260-270HP and 550nm (because of transmission..)

thanks for watching

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