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Originally Posted by MarcusLSB View Post
I found a running black on black one in Idaho for $8999.. has 170k miles or so but looks to be in actually pretty good shape.

This guys going to have to go down to $6k before I'd be interested as I'd have to trailer this one and while Sac isn't to far that is 6hrs of driving and me dicking around with getting the trailer from my buddy/etc.

If you want the interior I'll give you a good deal on it..
Originally Posted by Bdave View Post
Marcus, you would never want a vert as the base for a drag car would you?
I dont mind the weight penalty so much because my car is a cabrio first, then an HPDE car and last a drag car capable of questionable times.

Chad's half way decent times were encouraging, but I would be looking at coupes only if I were building a drag car. Your thoughts?
we don't f with cabrios! j/k

6hrs?!? i can go to slo in back in that time lol

ill give you a report tomorrow. if he lets it go for 5k ill take it if you don't. i got an extra s54 already anyway. i might push 4500 hehe but i don't want him to cry . kbb says 8500 for fair (which i assume doesnt mean nonop!) so hes smoking something if he thinks otherwise.
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