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Well Sambo should you be 16 or just claimed that to incite a riot, I'll give you credit for that snappy come-back with the parts list. Well played. I too cringed at the thought of flying into this without knowing the must-do items for a successful mod. I hold to what I and others suggest. You start playing with a well engineered suspension you will have issues. Research, read, get a realistic budget to perform the job and do it right. Don't skip tower/shock reinforcement, camber plates, alignment and possible fender rolling. Basically, you're adding more rolling mass on the drivetrain and suspension. Things will be affected from applied stress and actually will make the heavy wagon slower.

Ask my 18 year old what he went through slamming and bagging an 80's S-10 Blazer then dropping a 350 stroked Chevy engine in it. 4-link rear axle, 3500 stall converter, on and on. He started at 16 and had it road worthy in two years with his own money. (well mostly his own money). The car is painted metallic lime green with ghost flames. Us old guys cringe when we see it but hey, it's his vision not ours.
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