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Originally Posted by MarcusLSB View Post
I drove a E36 M3 Dakkar Yellow Convertible for like 5 years.. I still love a convertible but to be honest.. I really don't like being so exposed when in traffic.. people pearing into your car.. staring at you.. just feel like i'm on display. The fact it was Dakkar yellow didn't help either.
I feel the same way in my Arrest Me Red Imola. I hate being on display. If I am in heavy traffic I always have the top up and a heavy tint to my windows. Other wise I am a red blur. For all they know a dog could have been driving.
The vert season in SFLA is quite short. It gets WAY to hot to have the top down most months. I enjoy top down on a cool night the best. I love the flip up mesh wind great.
CA state is best known for year round top down driving. PHC1 up around Big Sur, OMG! I want to move to San Diego Eventually, just for the weather patterns. Dry and temperate...take a long coastal drive up to Oregon in June...

Are you going to paint your dragster LSB too? Or go with menacing Black?

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