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Originally Posted by sambo_eddo View Post
WOW! I'm pissing off some old guys here it sounds like. If the car is "undriveable" once lowered all the way or with these wheels on then I will obviously change things up. Like I said in another thread, I work at a deaership so I had access to pick this thing up cheaper then wholesale. For a $5k car I think I can tinker with it. The car would never ever remain stock as long as I own it so the coilovers would be going on regardless of wheel choice. Now it's just a matter of how aggressive it will allow me to go.
Not all of us are old. We just don't follow fads. It's your car, do what you want. I don't understand it, but I don't understand fecalphiliacs either. Neither do I care to.

If this is what picks up the hoes outside of Denny's on a Saturday night then more power to you. Just don't expect the majority of us to care.
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