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Originally Posted by Hockeyman17 View Post
Rental unit for sure. Property is crazy cheap.

I fully agree man. I have about the same amount of cash to play with. It's been in the market since late 2008. Made some great returns, not it's kinda stagnant.

I went to look at some properties last weekend. I'm very optimistic about our economy's future. You just got to run the numbers really... how much of a return to your expect per year? I made huge returns in the market, but that was mainly because I jumped in at the lowest prices possible; right after the crash of 08.

If you buy a distressed home and are able to do all the repairs yourself, it makes your profit margin much higher than if you paid contractors. Just think about your target market, and think WHY someone would want to buy/rent in that area. I'm buying a rural area in Cali so I'm considering maybe selling to an elderly/retired couple, or renting to a single family since a school distrct is close ect.

It's a tough one, but so is any other investment.

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