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Originally Posted by djmangee816 View Post
LOL coomoo. People should really take the case of fapping more seriously. Sure it sounds funny when people refer to it as fapping but the psychological and physical damage it does is alot greater then alot of people think. Sure theres been alot of studies saying this and about how fappin can be healthy for you, its BS. They dont take into consideration the amount of damage it can do to the person psychologically. For all the people saying fapping is natural, how in the hell is it natural?? Picture a old dude sitting at his computer desk with the lights turned off beatn his meat to some {insert your favorite prn star names here} videos and tell me if you think thats natural.

I bet you in the next few years there are going to be anti fapping ads on TV just like there are for drugs now.

I mean 12 year olds with Iphones growing up on 3 hours a day of youporn, think what that is going to do to them psychologically.
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