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It's unfortunate that people feel the need to sh1t on other people's efforts by posting pics.

Originally Posted by rjskalet View Post
might have to try no fap with meditation if all goes well
It would be fairly easy to sit quietly, breathe deeply, and practice concentration (meditate) whenever you feel the urge to relieve yourself.

Originally Posted by cowmoo32 View Post
Meditation keeps your brain plastic, true story.
I can't prove it, but it certainly feels that way to me. But I also believe that change begets change... meaning that once you make an effort to change one thing, it becomes easier to change other things. That's why I think this challenge is great no matter what the outcome.

Originally Posted by djmangee816 View Post
Even though most of you guys here say your in. The fight to overcome it will be overwhelming for most to bear. I think we need to start posting up some real advices to overcome it. I myself need some help
Good idea, but I also want to suggest that you don't have to see this as a win/fail situation. Even if you falter, you can still get up and try again... probably with more success. Put it this way -- if you decided to go to the gym every day, would it be wise to stop going altogether just because you missed a day?

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