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Hey Neil.

Great job on ur swap. I recently did a swap on my 01 325ci. I used a 03 330ci motor and manual trans. i also used the key, ignition switch, wiring harness and and the box that goes to it from the donor car, (dont know what its called, just knows it goes under the dash by the pedals. My question to u is... do i still need to have it coded? The dsc light on and the gear selection led on the cluster has a gear with an exclamation mark in it. My mechanic who did the swap said its from the car needing an alignment. I talked to a place called the Bimmer Workshop here in Houston, TX they said something is not hooked up or wired correctly. I tried programming the key to unlock the doors several times and it never worked. the original key still does. I was also wondering about the two red wires located by the DME in ur swap write up. What are those wires for? I dont recall reading about them, unless I missed it. Please feel free call or message me back when u have a sec. 8159147389.

Thanks Bud
Wait what? Seems like you did extra work for nothing, could of used the same key ignition. You would have to code the dme to the m54b30 and still code the cluster and everything else. You need gt1 or progman, also ncs expert could maybe work.

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