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Originally Posted by brady5885 View Post
Once u stripped the tar/gunk from inside the arch to get a thinner roll on it, what did you paint the bare metal with to protect it from the elements?
I have not decided yet, Going to pick up a smalll can of bedliner coating and just paint it on with a small brush I think. I plan to post pics when I do it!

Originally Posted by yetieater View Post
I do know that (read from post #1), but I want to know what tools our OP keeps at home.
I will take some pictures of my tools I use at work and at home, I dont have double of everything so if I need to I just bring tools from work home.

- 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 short and long sockets from 4mm to 36mm.
- Flex head long 3/8th's and 1/2in ratchets
- Various sizes extensions for each size driver
- Long and short torx sockets from T8 to T60
- E-Torx sizes T5-T18.
- Hex sockets and Stubby 2mm-14mm (Allen)
- Ratcheting Flex Head Wrenches 8mm-19mm
- Stubby and Long Wrenches 6mm - 24mm
- Universal Swivel Sockets
- Drive Adaptor Sockets

I have plenty more but more random or specialty tools.


-Makita LCT203W

-Makita LXT211 18-Volt LXT

-Makita BTW450Z High Torque Impact Wrench

These Makita's will cut the time it take to do any job in half! They are Fantastic! I can not say it enough. I put them through hell. I've had them for almost 9 months and I use them 24/7.

I recommend for anyone expanding their tool set to get some electric tools like these. They help sooooo much.

Depending on what sockets you have already, slowly add to your tool buying the next thing that you need the most. I'll grab some pics tomorrow.
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