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Originally Posted by PRDesignsTony View Post
lmao i hate cali with a passion. One of the worst states around. so dirty and disgusting, roads are TERRIBLE. The mixed race over their only contributes to all the hate and crime that occurs. Don't even get me started on the traffic, good luck getting home at 3-7pm. Cali is like the only state that ran out of money and had to ask near by states for help. Florida is 100 times better than over their imo. I have lived in Florida for around 6 years now and i've been safe from hurricanes. Dont fall into the media trap, 70% of the time they are just lying to your face.

Op you have been trying to sell this car for a VERY long time, maybe you should lower the price some??? or i would just keep it if i was you. Thing that sucks about modifications is the fact that you wont get all that money back when it comes to sell. Honestly bro keep it. Maybe do an s54 swap later down the road if your budget allows.
You must have lived in a low-income ghetto then. Over here where I live the median income for a household is around $90,000 per year and I found out what "E46" and "E92" meant in high school from all the BMW's going down the streets.
So much for the "United" States. People like you shi* on your own country and make Americans look bad.
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