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Originally Posted by tyusha View Post
Thanks for that info! I am really enjoying your thread. A quick question about these Makitas. Will all of the impact drivers you listed be able to drive sockets? Or only the last one (BTW450Z)?
Yeah They have interchangable chucks, so you can put 1/4, 3/8, or 1/2 on the first 2 guns. The first smaller kit comes with a screw gun and a impact. That little impact cranks out 66ft-lb's of torque all week long. Thats me using it every day. The bigger kit comes with a hammer drill/screw gun and the impact. The impact cranks 110 ft-lb's of torque all week on a single charge. It charges in 30 min and boom its ready again. The last one is just a big ol 1/2 in impact that shares batteries with the LXT kit. It has 325 ft-lbs of torque. It is nice and portable. I've removed heads, motors, transmissions, valve covers, subframes, and all that with these guys, they are great! If you go a couple pages back you can see me using them in some of the pics during my short throw install. THey usually have them on display at home depot as well if you have one near you.

Thanks I'm glad you are in enjoying it! I got more updates to come!
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