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WOW! that was a HUGE INSULT to say to a fellow American. Disrespectful idiots like you make America look good? People like me shi* on America, LMAO listen to this guy ^^^ reason America is getting worse is because of people LIKE YOU. Your median income is 90k a year, LMAO thats why you drove a 325i right and your looking to buy an 11 year old 330 with over 100k miles. If you made anywhere that amount you would have no problem paying $200 for a one way ticket to come to Florida for a couple days and buying the ops car. Oh an i've been in Sacramento, frisco, only place I enjoyed staying at was roseville because it reminded of Sarasota which is where i'm at. But both other places are terrible. Florida is a lot richer and cleaner in most areas than Cali. Dont get your disrespectful panties in a bunch when someone simply states their opinion. And where in the world did the e46 and e92 thing come from? Never even said anything about that. I see Ferrari's and lambo's driving the street daily here, BIG DEAL! whats that got to do with anything. I was simply stating my opinion and you flip out like a little girl that didn't get her ice cream. Stop being a jacka55 and do EVERYBODY a favor on the forums and just get out.

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