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Had some extra time today so I was able to get the alignment done on my car. I love the alignment racks at my work!

Iphone pics sorry!

Let me explain Alignment... 1 degree = 60 minutes. or .60. So for example. -1.45 degrees of camber is actually -105 minutes or -1.75 degrees of camber if you counted it in % or out of 100 make sense? -1.45 = negative one and three quarters degree. I hope that makes sense!

This is all with factory adjustments. I dont have camber plates or different control arms.... yet!


Camber: -2.45 (-2.75)

Toe: .0.06 Toe Out (0.10)


Camber: -3.36 (-3.60)

Toe: .08 Toe In (0.13)

Lol Sorry If thats confusing! So happy, it makes such a big difference having the proper alignment! My car tracks dead straight and my tires will last hell of a lot longer!

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