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Ammo questions

1) Looking to grab some m/xm 193 for my AR. I checked Cheaperthandirt and its $10/box of 20. I'm looking to grab 1000 rounds of this stuff; surely there is some place that has a deal better than $500??? Any ideas?

2) So I've got this super expensive Arsenal AK now. I ran 40 rounds of TulAmmo through it yesterday (steel cased stuff). I'm looking at buying 500-1000 rounds of 7.62x39, but I'm hesitant to put more steel cased stuff through it. I wouldn't hesitate on a cheaper weapon I guess, but I'm just kinda worried about this one. I found that TulAmmo at $120 for 500 rounds which is absolutely awesome. What are your thoughts on this steel stuff v. more expensive brass?

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