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I emailed jolly yesterday after she emailed me asking for feedback.
I sent her a list of questions, she replied this morning and acknowledges there is a problem with audio:

Thanks so much for your feedback of our unit.

Yeah,there are really so many issues need to improved,I will tell these to our engineers.

1. When the system turns on, it jumps from a number of settings
Digitial Tv, to Blue tooth to AUx in, not the option that was last
used. Is there a way to get it to go to the last setting used or at
least just the main menu at turn on ?(It should be show the interface you used last time)

2. The time setting some times seems out by up to 12 hours or so when
it switches on. Is there a lithium battery that is meant to retain the
settings ? Will this improve as it charges or is there a fault ?(You can setup it on Setup Interface.and then choose Time setup.After you choose,please click"Apply"it will be ok)

3, 3. The SD card corrupted within 1 day and could not be found by the
gps. i put it in to my laptop and all the files had been wiped and it
said the card was not formatted. Thankfully I had a copy of Igo Primo
that I was able to install on a different card, and it works. The gps
side seems to work great with good signal most of the time. The system
did say it could not find the second card once, however I removed it
and wiped it and put it back in and it found the files. The fact it
corrupted i am unsure if is the fault of the data card or the system,
but perhaps the quality of the cards is the issue.
The SD card really in bad quality after heard your feedback.

4,The volume setting is very loud, usually 2-3 on the setting is loud
but some times I can go up to 14 but not higher than this. I am using
only car speakers not an amplified system such as harman Kardon that
some BMWs come with, do you have any suggestions as to how this could
be improved on the system ?
(A lots of customers feedback of this issue.You can buy one converter.Please check attachment picture)

5, 5. On digital tv setting, the reception and picture quality is very
good most of the time that is a great addition. However I can find no
way to select the digital radio stations. The system scans and finds
the frequency and lists them, but I can only select the channels that
have TV, do you have any suggestions for this ? as it would be a great
addtional feature to select digital radio too.

This unit cannot support Digital Radio.

Best regards,

Ms Jolly
have edited some other stuff about about potential future orders.
but any one have an ideas what how you wire up her suggestion???

found them on amazon usa:
Converts High Level Speaker Output to RCALine Level/Adjustable Level Control Sleek Black Color Allows the Easy Installation of EQ's &Amplifiers toSystems with No RCA Outputs

issues seem to be acknowledged but no resolution supplied....

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