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Originally Posted by JayKayo View Post
I didn't say it was MY median income you blind fool. I said my area's is.
And I got my 2005 325Ci when I was 16 in high school a few years ago. Jealous? I'm looking for another E46 like that in my area because I work and am a college student.
That's a nice little novel you typed up. Way to get all pent up
The jackass here is you. "Worst states dirty and disgusting....mixed race?"
It's not hard to tell your age or maturity level when you reply with lame attacks and weak comebacks. Leave the forum, stop the hate comments, and maybe come back when your grow some hair around your privates.
Cool man? I have had 2 330ci's both tastefully modded and a 325, plus an mk4 golf thats tastefully modded. I'm only 21 and all cars are paid off. Anyway i'll be the man here and leave your idiotic rambling. I have been a part of this forum way more than you, i also know A LOT more about BMW than you do. You probably dont even know how to work on your own bmw. Anyway good luck with what ever your trying to prove.

Op I would try ebay. I have tried autotrader before and i had a couple calls. On ebay i had a lot better luck. Its a great car nonetheless, one of the best 330's i've seen around, the swap was just an opinion. I'm sorry about this idiotic bafoon here, I will not bother with him anymore but try ebay. I'm sure you will have better luck. Just take a crap load of pictures for ebay and just use the IMG code to put it in the description.

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