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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
no no no. people are just going at this the wrong way. stop. breathe. relax. no need to beat on anything. this is not a brute force job. be calculated and careful how you position your tools.

you'll need two things:

long screwdriver (heavier duty the better) and a 32mm sears wrench (sears seems to be the only place that sells/offers this)

position 32mm wrench. position screw driver blade in between two of the water pump nuts.

now just hold the nuts as you push the fan nut the other way (clockwise)

just push. no bang, no beat. if stubborn you can soak nut in penetrating oil prior.

banging on things is just going to cause problems especially if not careful.

I'll be doing this this weekend on my friends M3. maybe i'll make a video
agreed 100% on this. no hammering when I removed my fan nut. now, i had the holder and wrench, but i just had to push with some force. it doesn't have to be put on there with 150nm or anything, so just be persistent with it and it'll break. I'm guessing if you do have to take a hammer to it, someone put it on there and torqued that **** down. you don't have to make it that tight when you put it back on, reverse threading means it'll stay tight. and maybe even slightly tighten itself over time.
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