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OP, I know how frustrating it can be when you are trying to do something and it doesn't work out.

I remember, once I pulled the relay on the e-fusebox to check something. My car didn't start after putting it back on and I had to reset the DME adaptations to get it started.

Took me a good 2 hours to finally try that step. PA soft doesn't have much instructions so I would be weary about trying something that might render your car useless. PAsoft is powerful enough to cause permanent damage to the electronics in our cars.

And I would like to say, when you post; use punctuation and divide your post into simple sentences and paragraphs. It is very difficult to understand when everything is in a long single line. English is my third language, so (maybe it is just me but) it is difficult for me to comprehend long sentences.

Also, post the codes and description so you will get more definite answers. Just saying my DSC light is ON will not give you any responses. We have good people here to help you if you ask the right question.
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