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Hi guys,
I have also bought a enco b146 from a UK dealer and i have it installed since last week. So after a week of driving and testing this unit, i have some problems which i would like to discuss with you. Because my dealer told me after 3 emails that my problems are "normal" but i dont wont to life with that strange things. So maybe you have the same things and you could help me, if its possible

1. If i start this unit again it dont start with my last used function. If i heard after my drive for example radio, the unit starts after a new boot with aux in or whatever

2. My MFL works pretty well until i use the bluetooth function. So if i have connected my mobile phone the remote from the steering wheel dont works longer.

3. My dvb-t works only 3 to 4 minutes , than i get an black screen with noises on my speakers and i dont see the osd any time longer. After i start dvb-t again i have the same problem.

So guys please let me know what do you thinking and maybe you can test this problems on you enco...

Thank you in advance
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