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Originally Posted by 20vector View Post
ok. Sorry everybody about my write ups and not being clear and understandable. Im sorry when i started this post alot of stuff in my car were not working. Brake,ABS,DSC,and Transmission warning light were on also. A/C was not engaging either. I replaced the instrument cluster with used one i got online. After installation of cluster A/C started working and all warning lights went out execpt the DSC light.
I don't mind having the wrong mileage showing on the dash. I don't mind having the Tamper Dot showing on the dash. The DSC light on was the issue I wanted to figure out. Read alot of forums about DSC light being on. Came accross one where a guy was telling another guy the reason his DSC light was on was because his VIN in the used cluster he installed didn't match the VIN that the DSC uses. I don't know if this is true or not. That was only post i read about that.
So after reading that maybe wrong VIN programmed in to instrument cluster will cause the DSC warning light to come on, I then decided to try and write my VIN to the used instrument cluster. After tring few times was unable to write my VIN to used instrument cluster.
Vin number has nothing to do with it!

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