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did you connect the red can box to the wires.. thats whats works the steering wheel

you have to go to set up from the main menu

then press the test button to set it up
pressing each button on the screen then the steering wheel for what you want it to do

did you take air vents off and route spare cables on top of the unit ?
makes it much easier to go in and out that way, you can then move them to the side etc and put air vents back in

to get the brake warning as stated again you turn that off in the menu Brak_Check

if IPOD is connected and plugged in properly on the back (not loose )
it will play the music from it, when selecting IPOD off the main menu...

sounds like you have electrical issues with car... check fuses etc without the unit connected, then with the old head unit

then with new unit connected in tightly, making sure nothing is grounding or touching anything metal (eg tape off any spare cables, electrical black tape over any connections you have made.)

are you getting any dash warnings for the lights not working ?
may need a code reading scan if you are having other problems.

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