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Thanks for the input.

As far as the ak, I figured I would be fine since I checked out the site for the competition and it states that nothing over 200m since thats the furthest they can accommodate. Was already looking into an MI rail and red dot (not sure which yet.) Will definitely look into both of those brakes. Leaning towards the BattleComp atm. Would love to get an AR to do this with but trying to keep the costs down, definitely understand how much less recoil the AR has in comparison since I shoot M16/M4 all the time.

Which shotgun would you recommend if I do decide to get more serious about it?

As for the handgun situation the only ranges that rent have very limited selection. There are a few P6/P225 at a lgs that I was looking into that were fairly inexpensive. Also loved the fit in my hand. Didnt necessarily have to be a Sig just threw it out there since that was the one I had been eyeballing the last couple of times. The XD9 Tactical was the one I was also looking at but since I started with a 1911 and prefer the way they fit. On that note I'm not a fan of the Glock for those reasons. Just cant shoot for **** with one.

Ill definitely take your advice as far as observing since I've already encountered my fair share of "experts" in the area that have proven that they mainly talk a better game than they can perform. Thanks again for the help
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