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Originally Posted by Shevanel View Post
Hey guys, I came across this today while searching for a tranny problem on my car.

I have a 2004 325xi Auto w/ steptronic. My problem occurs after letting my car sit for about 5 hours or more. When I put it in D and accelerate I dont move or at least not very fast. I will feel the tranny get in and then I can drive. However, if put my car into revers or manual I can drive right away.

Could this also be a programming error? I did go to my local shop forever ago, I cant remember what they said but I do know there was no resolution to the problem.

Ill be going to my dealer soon anyways and will probably have them look at it. Ill post back with what they say but it does sound like a very similar issue.
there is a recall about on some GM transmission, the seal for the 1st gear will leak after a long night park so basically there will be no pressure for the clutch to engage when you start the engine in the morning for 10-15s after engaging D.
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