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Originally Posted by ICONIKE46 View Post
I wonder this about so many people on the board haha. I mean his dad just bought a Aston Martin after he sold his e39 M5 so maybe his family is just wealthy and worked hard for their money. Not saying OP didn't work/work hard for his money; or saying that he was just fed with a silver spoon in his mouth, but it's crazy how hard work pays off. I worked hard to make the money I have now an was close to buying a M3 but I realized my priorities and I have my WHOLE life to own my very own PERSONALIZED M3 brand new when I'm done with school and have a good job. Makes sense eh? I'm sure MOST of us will be successful eventually though, patience is a virtue
Good point here. Others have different priorities in life (houses,families,cars,accessories,etc.) My dad has always been a car guy so can't say I didn't have help from the get go, but my dads work ethics definitely helped me foresee where/what I wanted to do with my future to get where he's at. Keep your eye on the goal!

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