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Here's what I learned about the wiring and programming. TitaniumCranium has several excellent posts on this. See post #18, 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23. Don't be intimidated by the wiring -- if you can wire a car stereo you can wire your new tranny.

The reverse light wiring wasn't too difficult. See posts #128 and #133 for the right part, as found by TitaniumCranium. Our shop had the right plug in the parts bin, but you can also make one. We used some black electrical tape to seal things up nicely. See post #24 for pics. TitaniumCranium really made this easy for all of us with his excellent pics and write up! Sweet props!

The programming took several hours. My brother's shop has access to Progman and a GT1, but this is more than he's programmed before, so we learned together. HUGE thanks go to TitaniumCranium for responding to my message with an email and a phone call. He saved me $$$ so I wouldn't need to visit the dealer to reprogram my car. Here's the instructions that I followed. Of course, I'm not liable for anything that you do to your car if something goes wrong -- I'm just sharing my experience as a benefit to others here!

1) If your car was built before 9/01 you will need to reprogram your car using an SA code. Later cars use a VO code (vehicle order). My instructions are only for cars that need an SA code. Before you start you'll need to download a program called "BMW Decoder," which will work on PC/Windows only. Many members on this forum probably have access to this program and can point you in the right direction.

2) Plug in your GT1 and open Progman.

3) Start a session and choose "5 series" and "E34." This starts the older version of Progman.

4) Next choose E46. This sounded confusing to me (selecting E46 from within the E34 area) but it will make sense when you do this.

5) Select Option 3 (I think, or it may be called ZCS coding - I'm typing this from memory), then choose KOMBI as the module to code.

6) Confirm that your VIN is correct and note your car's SA code that is shown in Progman.

7) Fire up your "BMW Decoder" PC/Windows program on another computer and input your SA code that you see on the Progman screen. Deselect option 205 "automatic transmission" in the BMW Decoder program and confirm that all the other options are correct. I needed to recheck "cruise control" for some reason. Then decode this as your new SA code.

8) Type your new SA code into Progman. It will have a few different numbers but it should otherwise be very similar to the original code.

9) After the cycle completes in Progman, the gear indicator light should disappear from the dash. A few warning lights will remain, so you have another step to clear those lights.

10) OPTIONAL. At this point I unplugged the battery and reconnected it after about 5 minutes. I cleared as many codes as I could with DIS and then resumed with the next step. This is where I needed help.

11) Go back into Progman, select 5 series, E35, then E46, just like before.

12) Select the "programming" option rather than ZCS or KOMBI. I'm typing this from memory, so please bear with me if this isn't exactly correct.

13) Select program DME. You don't need to input any new codes here to reprogram the DME. If you are on the right screen it will ask for your mileage and it will tell you that you can only reprogram the DME 15 more times (or something like that). I was intimidated but this was the right programming option.

14) If all your warning lights didn't disappear you could try that last step again or clear the codes with DIS. Everything should work except the reverse mirror dip.

15) OPTIONAL. I also completely re-encoded the KOMBI codes in Progman before I reprogrammed the DME, but I don't think it's necessary. Open Progman, then go to 3 series (not 5), then E46 (not E34), and re-encode from there. See post #134 for TitaniumCranium's experience with this step.

16) OPTIONAL. I also found another thread that recoded the EWS from within the programming section in the older version of Progman and also recoded the ASC/DSC and GKE or ZKE sections. I don't believe this is necessary, but this is a very tenuous reprogramming process, so I include it here for information.

THANKS AGAIN to TitaniumCranium and the other great posts on this thread. I love my manual transmission. My 325 is amazingly fast, and I no longer have 330 envy!

AND SWEET PROPS to my brother's BMW shop in Phoenix. I'd be happy to refer anybody there. Send me a private message and I'll point you in the right direction.

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