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Originally Posted by Rob_in_LA View Post
This is an excellent thread as far as it goes. However the method for getting the blower into the cavity is not an obvious one.

Taking the engine cover off as suggested above is a start, however an additional inch or so of clearance is required. I have heard many people say that getting access is very difficult, and this is my experience. The objects which block access are massive and have a lot of wires and hoses attached to them.

I have seen posts in which people seriously suggest that dropping the engine a couple of inches for access by undoing the bolts on the engine sub frame is the best way to get access to this fan. This is pretty extreme, and I will try this last.

I have seen a post suggesting that taking the intake manifold off. On a 330 this is a serious job. I have a feeling that on a 325i it may not be quite as bad, but still to R&R the intake manifold on these cars is not a romp in the park.

I will probably remove the intake manifold next, in order to create clearance to install the fan. I have just ordered the gaskets, and I will be looking for limited service items, like hoses, to replace while I am in there. If any one has replaced a blower lately, I would be very interested to hear from them, as to exactly which parts need to come out in order to replace the fan.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Okay. I am a Newby and I missed the many interesting suggestions written AFTER the early post which I referenced. Apparently removing some of the windshield wiper structure will help. Lots to read here.

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