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Originally Posted by spugeddy View Post
Just had the one hiccup after the trans oil/filter change....went 4,000 miles without fail until last week. I have the solenoid and the oil/filter to change, but I might wait a little longer to see how long it will go....
happened one more time in about a two week period.... so I installed the TCC solenoid today and filter and 5 1/2 qts of new fluid.

SPend about 2 1/2 hours... took my time, and test drive went great... shifted 3 x into reverse no probelm... going to have to drive for a month or so before i am convinced this did anything though.

The 4,000 mile fluid was surprising red... not bright red, but decent.

At least I have 2/3 new oil in there now.

Lastly, while on jack stands, and after refill, shifting through the gears... I got a strong thunk! going into reverse about every other time... P_R_N_D_ 5 times pausing 5 seconds between shifts... it would give a strong clunk going into reverse. On the test drive it didn't replicate this thank God.

****EDIT I forgot to mention the business end of the old solenoid looked damaged... there was a half of what looked like a screen missing, and inside it was warped looking... I guess the missing parts were floating around the valve body....

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