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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
I was buying 5.56 last summer at $289/case. Now I'm at $369 on a good day. I need to buy ~4000 rounds to get me through the end of the year with the training courses I'm taking, and that doesn't include my normal shooting load. My current stockpile is down to about 600rds, and I need to replenish just to get me through to August when I start going to my courses. That's at least another 2000rds right there.
I'm saddened to do this, but I might break down and buy some Wolfshit to supplement the supply to get me through the summer.
I have shot Wolf/Tula steel cased ammo in everything from my Kimber 1911, several Glock, my HK, Sig, and AK. It always functioned for me. Never had a FTF or FTE. Granted, it is dirty and the loads might not be even all the time but if it is that or not shooting......I will take the steel case rounds.

I also think the steel case worries are overblown. It is decent target ammo. Another reason I like my AK...cheap to shoot

NOTE: I do not shoot steel case ammo all the time, but I am not afraid to use it when I have to. If one of my guns is too fragile to handle it....I don't count on a gun like that. I like guns that eat everything.
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