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Originally Posted by carcus View Post
I have shot Wolf/Tula steel cased ammo in everything from my Kimber 1911, several Glock, my HK, Sig, and AK. It always functioned for me. Never had a FTF or FTE. Granted, it is dirty and the loads might not be even all the time but if it is that or not shooting......I will take the steel case rounds.

I also think the steel case worries are overblown. It is decent target ammo. Another reason I like my to shoot

NOTE: I do not shoot steel case ammo all the time, but I am not afraid to use it when I have to. If one of my guns is too fragile to handle it....I don't count on a gun like that. I like guns that eat everything.
It's a real toss-up with the steel case ammo. At a training course, one guy was shooting Tula and had several popped primers. I was at the range a couple weeks ago with a buddy from the Sheriff's office and we were doing some carbine work on the square range. He was using Wolf polyformance and had a popped primer on his second mag.
Popped primers usually bring operation to a halt on an AR, forcing you to disassemble and dump out the primer. It also usually involves some kind of force to pry or pull something apart.
This is not a huge issue at the range when practicing, but at training courses it's usually not a good idea and is considered to be rude in some circles. Most higher tier training groups either prohibit the use of Russian steel case ammo, or they strongly discourage it.

I'm not saying the stuff doesn't go BANG. It's just a matter of getting out of it what you pay into it. Brass is more preferable than steel for a reason. That, and I don't want to have to clean my rifle just to shoot the stuff, and then have to clean it every couple hundred rounds to keep it running. Still, if it's what is available, I'll probably wind up giving it a shot. Beggars can't be choosers.
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