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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
I'm not sure I can completely agree with this. "moment of inertia" suggests differently.
And a wider tire and rim certainly can aide in traction. Where a thinner W&T might start to somewhat break traction, a wider combo would hold at the thresehold.
Moment of inertia sure does play a role but a light wheel can be just as stable as a heavier one as long as it paired with good tires . Another thing you cant forget is tire compound .

Here is a question for you, which wheel tire combo will have more traction ?

LTW5 17x8.5" Mounted with Hoosier A6 225/45ZR17


OEM CSL rims mounted with Michelin PS2 275/35ZR19

The reason why wider wheels/tires help cars NOT break traction is because they're often way too heavy and the car simply doesnt make that much power to break them loose. Thats why people often find that their car became slower after they put some gangsta rims on it

Look at it this way , cars that race in Touring Car Championships Series have 235 tires and they keep pretty stable on the track and on this forum most people have 275 tires mounted on the biggest rims you can find and they can barely keep out of the ditch
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