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I don't think it's an SSG - it's a 6-speed, not 5, though I may be quite mistaken on the differentiations. But I've definitely read about the increased costs. I needed a car (the last one pretty much fell apart around me) and this one was the best option at the time... I'm not sure that I want to keep it long enough to see that fail, haha.

But the motor and transmission are very solid, so I'm glad about that.

I'm going to go in tomorrow and just ask them to give me my car back. I have some other things to get on them about so it'll be a fun morning. But yeah I wasn't feeling any problems before, so I had better not be feeling anything when I get it... in the end, there's as much a potential they're trying to take me for a ride.

Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
That's very early for a diff. They are fairly strong unless you do a lot of burnouts in the ice and then maybe a spider gear.
But if it leaks and gets low you usually notice the diff making noise or hum/howl.
A used diff can be found for $250 fairly easy. It's about 2-3 hrs labor at most from an independant shop.

On a side note. If you have SSG(aka SMG-1) then really be sure you know what's to expect when that transmission pump goes out. It's an expensive fix and recently a dealer charged a guy $8K to fix.
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