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I don't currently have a garage unfortunately, I'm not sure how happy they'd be with me jacking the car up in our parking lot

But yeah I'd have no problem tearing it apart myself and may just end up doing that. He was getting on me about it being a 4.5-5 hour job, and $800 for a used diff they're probably going to pull out of a junk yard? Mmhmm. Plus they just had half of it apart for me so it shouldn't be a big-big deal, just have to find a friend with a garage I can use.

I appreciate sharing your experiences, everyone, it's helping me feel like I have a better control of the situation.

Originally Posted by dude dog View Post
They do go bad sometimes but if it does you will know it. Mine started with a limping feeling. Like the car was surging. It took about a month after it started that then it went out fully. It would go about half way around and then clank real hard and go half around again. That's what happens when they go out. I went on ebay and ordered a used one for $150 plus shipping and it took me about 3 hours to change it and I am no mechanic. Found a good diy on here and went for it. It was easy. In my opinion if your diff goes bad you know that something severe is wrong and if you couldn't tell then I think they are trying to screw you. Take it somewhere else and get a second opinion.
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