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Well I am not sure if these 2 models are so much different either, I'd be more interested in terms of acceleration and safety items, and seems that the main differences are stetical. For driving on the streets and roads down here we need higher profile tires rather than too low, so the 17" wheel is enough...
I guess the test drive is the thing that will sell the car anyway but I want to understand the options before I have to decide,
Thanks again

Originally Posted by E RaK View Post
I'm a little conflicted on what options the black car has, but it does appear to be a "base" model sans the sport steering wheel and chrome inserts in the front bumper. The only mechanical upgrades to the silver "m-sport" for your area are a little lower suspension and seats with adjustable leg supports. The cars will feel almost identical to drive, the m-sport a little stiffer! It is a matter of whether or not you will be bothered by not having the small extra features of the m-sport car over the regular model.
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