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Originally Posted by Blocked Out View Post
The engine support brace wont help you. When you install new engine mounts you need to actually raise the engine a bit to get them out. The engine support brace only does what it does , support, it doent raise.

Put a block of wood under the oilpan and raise the engine with a jack until you get them out. Nothing is gonna happen , dont worry , you're not gonna mess up any wires and your oil pan wont crack or break . Done it many times
oh yea! My engine soon to see new ENGINE MOUNTS!

here i come! Pics will be available after i receive new parts. ^_^

i will follow your steps, thank you sir^

I really just dont want nothing serious to happen to my Oil pan, i really dont wanna bend it and have to get new one PITA! I REPEAT PITA!

Is there a location im suppose to raise the engine with jack?

can someone make pics with location to setup the jack and wood?

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