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Originally Posted by Mau330i View Post
What about a combination of both??

Use the jack just rise the engine and then the engine support to hold it and remove the jack. This way the stress over the oil pan is there just for a few minutes and you have extra space under the car once you remove the jack.

This is just an idea... lets see what others say

Maybe replacing the mounts is too fast and all this work is unnecessary and maybe you will need to be able to move the engine up and down to place the new mounts in place.
Well you could but you would need to use a crane as the engine support bar can only support the engine at its normal position. Meaning you can support it as it is and then remove anything you want and it wont go anywhere, but if you raise it then you wouldnt be able to use that brace. Hard to explain ...
Originally Posted by mrlatexxx View Post
oh yea! My engine soon to see new ENGINE MOUNTS!

here i come! Pics will be available after i receive new parts. ^_^

i will follow your steps, thank you sir^

I really just dont want nothing serious to happen to my Oil pan, i really dont wanna bend it and have to get new one PITA! I REPEAT PITA!

Is there a location im suppose to raise the engine with jack?

can someone make pics with location to setup the jack and wood?
You can put the block of wood anywhere you want, not on the oil sensor of course. Try to put it where the oil plug is.

Here is a tip, when you buy new motor mounts buy the ones made for M3 or for xi model (m3 and Xi cars have IDENTICAL motor mounts, same part number) why? because they're the stiffest and therefore the best oem piece.

You will need at least 2 feet of extensions and you absolutely must use a ratchet joint extension .

Search , there are a tonne of DIYs on google both both M and non-m .

Another tip: remove your AUX fan before proceeding, because when you lift/tilt the motor , you'll need extra space
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