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Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
White wheels on red wagon. Like shogun. Just go with a different style.
Maybe multi piece with chrome or polished lips and white centers.
Or red centers white lips.
Originally Posted by Fuxxo View Post
tweeeker: as snikwad said, I would go with white rims also ;-) or, if you have bigger budget :-D some big polised steplips and golden centers..

about my current setup, it rubs really much.. I already have got shaved the tire sides :-D and I drive alone or with my girlfriend.. not even 3 persons :-) but I ordered last week 13mm spacers instead of 15mm, so I believe it will help..
hhmmmm...i have a sienna red metal...a lil dark for white rims. Unfortunatly i LOVE BBS basket style rims. I know there super played, but i <3 them. I was thinking, without going to dark, get something bronzish, gunmetal, or something in that fam of colors.

Let me know how it works out when u put the spacers in.
miss u

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