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Do NOT put HID bulbs in the standard halogen housing.
Not so great for you and much worse for other drivers.

The easiest route for me was to retrofit used OEM xenons. Just make sure they come from a pre-facelift sedan.

  • Best lighting: no messing up focus of the beam by putting a vertical HID arc where a horizontal filament was meant to be
  • High-quality, with OEM fit and finish
  • Plug-n-play (still needs a recode to turn off the dashboard light when the lights are off)
  • Very neutral light

  • May take a while to source
  • Unlikely to find both sides in the same place
  • Getting a crystal-clear appearance takes some polishing (in my case, less than 1/2 hr)
  • Will be a bit more than a set of housings with projectors + HID kit
  • If you want a different temperature light output, you need to buy bulbs.
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