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Originally Posted by forzam View Post
I used the engine support bar to lift the engine enough to take off the driver side motor mounts. The passenger side needed a little help from below. But you can definitely use the engine support bar to raise the engine above its normal height. Just keep turning the giant wing bolt!
Originally Posted by alpine003 View Post
X2, you can raise the engine with the engine support bar. Did you see the link I provided Blocked Out?

Also providing link to DIY that seems to work the best with the least hassles.
No I didnt see the link. It blows my mind that people are buying an engine support bar for this job. I dont get it, why? The bar makes the job SO much more difficult as when you lower the engine onto the new motor mounts you have to be under the car guiding the brackets in, now you guys made it a 2 person job with your bar.

Originally Posted by MJLavelle View Post
So, those other members who reported doing this are all wrong?
No , they are correct. I was wrong.

Its getting out of control guys , 330i ZHP said it BEST.

If you guys are so worried about such simple job as this, have a priest bless you along with your car before you start
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