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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
Yes I totally agree that the tire/compound has plenty to do with it. But I was only saying I can't agree with your statement, "diameter and width has nothing to do with breaking the rear end loose". I absolutely believe it does. Two exact same model tires and at the onset that the smaller width wheel starts to lose traction in most every circumstance the wider wheel will have traction and it's onset to lose traction will be later on. Thus width and contact patch is a factor.
Well,if you put it this way then yes size and width does affect "breaking the rear loose" . If you compare same model rims and tires then the bigger rims paired with wider tires will make breaking the tires loose more difficult .

I was just focusing on the fact that you can get skinnier tires that are more sticky/stable then some wider tires, therefore there is no direct correlation with width and stability (breaking rear end loose). Yes you can use 2 sets of same brand/model as data to prove me wrong but when we talk tires, we need to take all kinds of tires into account .

Come on, you know what I mean
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