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Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
What BBK kits are the best value? The obvious PFC, Brembo and StopTech are all like $6-7k. Preferably looking for E92 M3 fitment.
StopTech is the best budget BBK on the market. It's cheaper than Brembro and PFC and has cheaper replacement parts like rotors and pads. It also has the widest variety of pad choices over most.

Originally Posted by carlito91 View Post
Damn andy, I thought you were done modding for a while lol. Anyways, here is what I will get if/when I do a brake kit. Its pretty far down on the list, since there is so much more to do beforehand (pole positions, various cf bits, exhaust, etc.)

I would also see about machining the 135i rears to fit as well so I don't just have 135i fronts (thats what these are, 135i brakes). The brakes are made by brembo, and at 1200 are a bargain. Also, I'm pretty sure these aren't m3 fitment. So my post is useless.
Bias bro. I don't know why people like taking calipers off other cars. Those were designed by Brembo to work for that particular car. Throwing those on just any car is going to massivly affect the bias, which may be a good thing or may be a terrible thing. It would depend on the car and the bias calcs. I just think people that want to throw those on any car without doing the math behind it are crazy. This kit was made for people with pure looks in mind, it looks great, but may kill braking performance.

Originally Posted by Rubenk View Post
Also, these numbers do no impress me for 26k.

Peak Horsepower: 527@ 7800 rpm - maximum gain of 129 hp @ 6000 rpm

Peak Torque: 407 lb-ft @ 5200 rpm - maximum gain of 124 lb-ft @ 5200 rpm
For a BMW motor those are great gains.
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