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Originally Posted by Rubenk View Post
They might be great gains from stock, but the overall numbers dont impress. I could take a mid 1970s Ford 5.0 and make 250hp and it would be a 130hp increase over stock, but still pathetic numbers.
Yeah and it would rev to 6.5k. So you're saying that you're not impressed by a 4.6 v8 with 530 hp that revs to 8k rpm?

Don't compare BMW to Ford. BMW designs engines right the first time where ford just throws crap together and lets engine builders take care of it by porting, polishing, stroking, head work..........................Just think what would happen if they took one of those massive 5.0 motors and did it right the first time.

Sh1t, what's a 5.0 make from the factory? It's damn near the same as my 10 year old 3.2 I6 S54.
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