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Originally Posted by KSims1868 View Post
What's the problem with buying a complete plug & play replacement aftermarket set like these...?
I'm not asking to be a smart ass...but if these kits are clean, fit well, and look good...why deal with all the re-furbing of old parts?
To upgrade to projectors and Angel Eyes, then this route is easy. Can even reuse the existing bulbs.

But the OP wanted XENON (aka, HID).

The first link is not HID (although it does have Angel Eyes). Still need to buy and install (tack on) an HID retrofit kit: ballast, igniter, bulb.
The other two links are for facelifted cars (also are not HID).

  • Don't just "fit well". They fit perfectly.
  • Don't necessarily need a lot of "refurbing."
    It took me all of 20 mins to wash, dry, and then polish the covers to make them look NEW. Lenses need to be polished every year, anyway, if the car is parked outside.
  • Most important, they have the correct optics: proper projectors for HID are slightly different from what is used in ordinary halogen projectors.
  • For angel eyes, just pop open the covers, install, and you're done.

The retrofit kits are the cheapest way to go for folks who already have projector housings (although there are still beam pattern issues). But that doesn't apply to the OP.

Yes, buying NEW HID is very expensive. But, with patience, you can put together a used set for what it costs to get an aftermarket projector housing + HID retrofit kit.
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