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Updates- Please see and advise

So I went on my lunch break and checked the car out at my wife's work. The fuse isn't blown. Doesn't even look bad at all.

Now for the fun information. The fan looks like it has been replaced before- it has the metal box on the back next to the fan motor housing.

The fan was turning about a minute after cranking the car... it cut on. The noise under the hood grew. Then subsided as it seemed the fan slowed down some. The temp gauge was just above the blue.. just starting to heat up.

Last night the ET was empty after the wife had the car heat up in traffic. Today(after i put some distilled in at 2am), sitting at a perfect level after our commute and the engine cooled down. The ET does leak though. I know for a fact. Since this is a problem, would this allow air to get into the system? It seems true. Meaning, replace the ET along with cap, flush coolant with distilled, then fill w BIMMER coolant and distilled. Bleed the air over and over, then see how the system runs?

Any other advice? Besides a coolant overhaul on everything..


No blown fuse

Fan did turn on for test after cranking the car, fan also seemed to vary speed. Fan seems after market due to the metal casing over the relay on the fan housing.

ET leaks around top lip, all around.

Temp sensor in bottom hose seems functional- aka cluster test revealed that the temp was indeed read and rising.

When trying to bleed the system the other day, it was drinking-hopefully showing that the water pump isn't bad

T-stat should be functioning because car is over heating, not under heating.

Hoses show signs of wear, I do want to replace them asap

I wish there was a fanatic in the central texas area.... even Austin or Dallas. I would love to have a fellow member take a first hand look.
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