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Originally Posted by Adam@Euro-Spec View Post
That's nuts...I'd be f0cken livid. The MSRP on the sparrow is only $499. I'm interested to hear your review on it, while I just wait and stare at my phone waiting for a call the next 3months.
The price was no consern, after I shot it and knew they had one in stock I HAD to have it. Besides, he gave me a HELL of a deal on .50 BMG. I bought 300 blanks for $30. I've been selling them for $1 each.

As for a review.... All .22 cans are pretty much the same, it does not take much to make a good can any more. What really matters is ease of cleaning. The SS sparrow has two half shells that contain the fowling, you can literally shoot it until its a solid lead pipe and take it apart as easily as the day it was new. The element on the otherhand requires a tool and a alignment dowl thats sold seperatly (or atleast it was back then) and the baffles have to be pressed out. If it is fowled badly the element can be a PITA to take apart. On top of that the tube of the Element is carbon and could possibly rust internally if not cared for I.E. shot wet and forgot.... Pitting inside the tube would be BAD for dissasembly. You wont have to worry about putting on the SS sparrow because it's SS and the clam shell protects the tube. I'd be willing to say the SS sparrow would be safe in a salt water enviroment.

Another reasion I like the SS sparrow is the tube its self is NOT threaded, only the end cap and core is, less risk of a bur or accidental cross threading to the seralized part. Much easier just to send the core back to them for repair than going through the hassle with the ATF to ship a can back for repair.

As a compairison, the Element is par on par with the SS sparrow, sound signature is a bit different but they will both do the same job. The Element has less of a FRP while the sparrow has a bit more due to the larger internal volume but its not by much. I chose the SS sparrow even though the FRP is louder because my gear gets ran hard and put away wet. I shoot 2-3 boxes of federal 550 a weekend anymore and I MAY not get a chance to clean it after that.

If your gona be doing something sneeky the element is the can to have, as long as you keep it realitivly cheap your fine. IF you want 100% ease of cleaning the SS sparrow is the can to get.

The tac-65 is another VERY good option, It has NO FRP, its hard pressed to tell it from the element and its probably half the cost. Down side is the materials do not lend its self to dipping and its a real PITA to take apart, If you lead it up expect to use a hammer to take it apart.

BTW, the SS sparrow is rated for FN 5.7.... A PS90 is in my future.

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