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What do you think of Meyle ET? I've heard plenty of members say they use Meyle products and they are OE quality or better.

$ bills $ are just running through my head. Shell out on this... wait no this... wait... what's that light mean?

*fanatic pops in* oh hey man! That light is awesome! It means you and your car get to go on a date for the next two weeks strait, in the garage!



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I used to drive fast and cowboy around, but then I realized that I can't even afford bumping into someone, so now it's slow and classy, with occasional spurts of speed. Fanatics might pick on each other from time to time, but we are all one great big family that looks out for each other in the end.
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I pull up to meets, lean to one side, shakin my finger at all da playahaterz. Then I get back into my car and flash mah beamz.
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