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Originally Posted by Wickedly View Post
Telling people to NOT BUY it is none of our business . I am also one of the first people that bought this unit and I'm really happy . I don't have that many issues as other people are, other then when you turn your car on it randoms pick a page but other then that , my volume is perfect and everything else works perfect . So let the people do its job by reading all this pages and make their own choices. Some people are capable of fixing simple issues that others are having .
Same for me, knowing how poor quality control are in China I am not surprised with faulty unit popping up here and there. As with all DIY there is always a risk of user installation causing problem. As simple as plug and play could lead to all sort of problems.

How installing a HU causes "fkn up my wipers, windows, sunroof, and dash lights" is beyond me but never the less we all try to help each other regardless of their attitudes. Does your car have diagnostic port? and error codes? replaced the original unit and does that solve the problem?

We shouldn't really expect a $400 unit to be perfect in every way and full after services as it is too cheap to cover all that, if not then we would be spoiled with choices and vendors all bend over backwards to win our business. There are good sub $400 unit out there but none will fit our car without modification to the air duct, if you are up for that then go and chop up the inside and fit one
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